September 14th Meeting

Steve Fischer will present Phalaenopsis, Part 2, or How Breeders Created the Modern Orchid Craze.

October 12th Meeting

Stig Dahlstrom “Wild Orchid Man”  (DVD)

November 9th Meeting

 John Atwood speaking on Classic Orchids. The program  will appeal especially to those who wish to develop a small and well  selected orchid collection. John is a taxonomist and past director of  the Orchid Identification Center at Marie Selby Gardens in  Florida.


 Holiday Party watch for time and location



People’s Choice Award Winning Orchid

Melissa Garcia grower of Den. anosmum

Congratulations to the 2014 Orchidelirum Bests of Show winners.

Best Arrangement            Brazilian Rainforest        Mable Orndorff

Favorite Orchid                                    Dendrobium anosmum         Albuquerque BioPark Botanic Garden/Melissa Garcia

Roger Easton Award        Dendrobium anosmum                  Melissa Garcia

Best Painting                       “Embracing Beauty”       Bonnie Buckley

Best Photograph                                                                                       Ellie Sokolow


Jane Cole HCC for Paph hainanense

Ron Midgett Award of Merit for LC Ann Akagi

Vickie Haskins Rocky Mountain Special Award for Tolumnia variegata var. white



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